In forming this Bridge group we were compelled to fill in a gap that we believed to be missing in a lot of different everyday settings. Through our weekly discussions we thought it was important to imitate Jesus’ communication style, recognizing that he was an effective communicator and that his messages were always targeted and relevant. He was all things to all people.

There are lots of things going on today and we need to be able to address the questions that come up from friends, family or strangers. For example, would Jesus vote Democrat or Republican? I’ve been praying for my team to win the Super Bowl – does God answer trivial prayers? or I just found out that my colleague is an illegal immigrant, what’s my responsibility as a Christian?Our goal is to help each other recognize that life is full of complexities and integrate Jesus before we form an official opinion. We strive to become more diligent and mature Christians.

We hope that you will join us!

We meet on Thursday nights at 7:30 PM.

Bridge Group Leader: Steven & Erin Nghe

Contact Information:

Worship Time: 10:00am